Replacement / Repair Policy - Guarantee / Warranty

We will assist in the replacement or repair any WattsBaggs, Bushwalker, StatPacks, Cramer, Mueller, or MedPac bag. This includes all seams, zippers, buckles and straps put through normal use and are not found to be abused. An example of abuse: when a bag is dragged on concrete or asphalt or if it is deemed that the bag was overfilled.  If deemed abused, there will be a charge for the repairs.  Seams and zippers will only take so much pressure before they break.  Don't over-fill or drag the bags or cases.  You will have to pay to ship it to the manufacturer, they will repair or replace it, and ship it back.  Some manufacturers will charge you to ship it back.  Most manufacturers warrant wheels and handles for 1 year if not abused.  We will assist you in contacting the manufacturer and you can ask about there specific warranty.  

All other items have a 90 day warrantee against manufacturer's defects. We will replace or repair it at our discretion.

Privacy Policy

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